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The general terms and conditions of the online store "MyCOMPOSITION" comply with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB1), the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and the international codes of e-commerce.
The K.V.S. d.o.o., Production, services, trade, Slovenija, Manžan 2C, SI-6000 Koper, registration number 6556868000, tax number SI88608646, TRR: SI56101000052892834, account opened with the bank: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank (hereinafter referred to as the seller), operating as an online store .

Ways of payment

After placing an order, each client receives an invoice. For payment, you can choose the most convenient option for you:

  • payment by cash on delivery;

  • payment by payment or credit card;

  • transfer via PayPal;

  • bank transfer to the company account (specified in the invoice).


We offer delivery by Mail or other transport company convenient for the buyer. Together with the order, we provide full information regarding the transaction, as well as an invoice. Shipping is paid by the buyer.


If the goods were damaged during the transportation stage, the buyer is obliged to inform the representative of the transport company about this and, together with him, draw up a damage report.

Purchase returns

According to the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", the buyer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the receipt of his order without giving reasons. At the same time, he is obliged to inform the online store of his decision to return. To do this, you need to write a letter to our e-mail All costs for transporting goods to the online store are paid by the buyer according to the tariffs of the transport company that delivers.

Important! The buyer has the right to issue a return only for goods that have not been used, have the original packaging, if there are no damages on them. It is also necessary to provide all primary documentation.

If the buyer has justified claims regarding the quality of the received goods, he has the right to demand its replacement with a similar one or receive the paid amount on his bank card. Immediately after receiving the goods and checking its condition, we will transfer the full amount to the specified details.

The buyer cannot return the goods made according to his individual sketches and adapted to his needs (size, shape, plot).

Complaints and disputes

If the buyer has complaints or claims regarding the received order, he must inform us about them by writing a letter to our email address. At the same time, we ask you to clearly and in detail indicate all the identified shortcomings. We undertake to consider the complaint within 5 days, if necessary, analyze it and inform the buyer about it. We try to resolve all disputes amicably, taking into account the wishes and criticism of the buyer.

Privacy & Cookies

The website of the online store contains cookies. These are small text files that are installed in the user's browser when viewing the site's pages. These files are designed to be a safe and secure way to collect and remember information regarding user activities.

What are cookies?

Their main task is to help the user in obtaining useful and interesting content for him. They store data regarding visited sites, taking into account statistics, the implementation of online services. These files are able to determine how often a user visits certain sites and web pages.

What cookies do we use?

We use cookies to help users navigate the site, use secure pages and other site features (for example, store an added item in a shopping cart). We also have cookies involved in the secure checkout process, studying statistics (for example, which pages of the site users visit most often). This allows us to receive information that helps make our online store even more user-friendly.

Protection of personal data

We undertake to use all data received from the user solely to fulfill the delivered order, as well as to communicate with the buyer. Only authorized employees of the company have access to such data. Information about personal data may be disclosed only in cases provided for by law, if it is necessary to protect the rights of others.

From this category, the website uses cookies required for Google analytics, with which we track visitor statistics.
_utma: Parameter for storing pageview statistics is not limited in time.
_utmb: Parameter for storing pageview statistics is not defined.
_utmc: Parameter for storing pageview statistics, cookies are automatically deleted after 30 minutes.
_utmz: Parameter for storing pageview statistics, the cookie is automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

There are other categories of cookies that are not used on our website.

How to disable cookies?

The user can use the settings of his web browser to determine whether to allow the use of cookies on a particular website. More information about cookies and their use can be found in the documentation and instructions for using your browser.

Protection of personal data of clients

The provider undertakes to protect all personal data of the user at all times. The Provider will use personal data solely for the fulfillment of the order (sending information materials, offers, invoices) and other necessary communications. Only authorized persons of our company have access to the data. Under no circumstances will user data be passed on or shown to third parties. The website provider reserves the right to disclose information when disclosure is required by law or when it is necessary to protect the legal rights of others.

Print quality

We use modern high-quality equipment for printing pictures. It is regularly calibrated to obtain the clearest and highest quality images.

In the production of picture frames, we use high quality wood. To prevent the material from looking “loose”, cloves are installed at each corner, allowing you to adjust its volume.

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