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Besplatna dostava i povrat robe diljem svijeta

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Rio de Sant’ Aponal, Venezia (A-1312-5_prv)


€ 175,00

Tranquil Waters at the Rio de Sant’ Aponal, Venice, Italy"


This visually splendid scene captures the essence of Venice, as it portrays the Rio de Sant’ Aponal in all its glory. Comprising an enchanting waterway, this classic representation of the city is adorned with colorful baroque and renaissance-style buildings lining the canal's sides. Highly detailed and bursting with life, the painting transports the viewer to the heart of Italy's floating city.


Gondolas, the iconic Venetian boats, serenely glide along the tranquil waters, complete with their skilled gondoliers navigating the waterways. Fluffy cumulus clouds gently glide across the azure sky above, while the sun casts warm hues over the entire scene, adding a touch of magic to this breathtaking cityscape.