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Besplatna dostava i povrat robe diljem svijeta

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Autumn Road (A-1402-4_prv)


€ 140,00

Road surrounded by autumn foliage. The landscape is breathtaking with. The trees on the either side of the road have shed their leaves, giving the impression of a beautiful autumn carpet beneath.


In the distance, there's a village or a town seen which is partly obscured by the trees. The sun is setting in the background, casting a warm yellowish glow over the entire landscape. The painting captures the essence of the autumn season in all its glory and provides a calming and serene ambiance.


Overall, the painting is a beautiful display of the fall colors and the tranquility of nature. The artist has captured the essence of autumn in a stunning and picturesque way, providing a warm and inviting feel through the painting. It's perfect to add an autumnal vibe to any space.