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Worker of the seas(A-359-4)B
Morning in the mountains(A-480-4)A_edited
Winter tale(A-1320-3)B
Winter road(A-1364-3)A
Water world(A-579-4)B
Venice characters(AS-009_n3)B
Valley Kobarid(A-592-3)A
Sunset on sea(A-356-04)C
Seaside residence(A-1284-4)A
Rio de Sant’ Aponal, Venezia(A-1312-5)C
Night berth(A-472-4)C
Mountain village(A-465-4)B
Mountain valley(A-462-3)C
Lights of Trieste(A-1401-5)C
Lake Bled(A-479-4)B
Highway E-61(A-581-4)A
Grand Canal(E-941-5)B
Evening walk(A-590-3)A
Evening jetty(A-582-4)B
Evening haven(A-478-5)B
Evening at sea(A-474-5)B
Evening at sea(A-419-4)C
Canal bridge(A-1319-4)A
Bled Castle(E-1278-4)C
At the pier(A-589-4)B

"MyCOMPOSITION" - The decoration of a photo as a painting

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of."

Welcome to the world of "MyCOMPOSITION"
Our main directions: sea, nature, landscapes, cities.

Our paintings are computer-assisted stylized photographs, printed on high-quality natural canvas with pigment inks and coated with a texture gel for complete protection from external impacts. Thereby, the canvas can be cleaned with soap and other cleaners.

We bring to your attention exclusive modular paintings for your apartments, houses, offices. We travel all over Europe to find truly unique landscapes that will be the perfect decoration for your home.

Due to the texture of natural canvas, even upon closer examination, it seems that the picture was painted by a real master.

Here you can always find a large selection of modular paintings that will fit into any budget. Check out our catalog and start shopping.

Piran bay
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Lights of Trieste(A-1401-5)C
Mountain valley(A-462)B (900x600)
Night berth(A-472-4)A
Rio de Sant’ Aponal, Venezia(A-1312)A (900x600)
Sea cruise(A-1297-4)C
Sunset on sea(A-356)C (900x600)
Venice characters(AS-009_n3)B
Water world(A-579)A (900x600)
Morning in the mountains(A-480-4)A_edited
Winter road(A-1364)C (900x600)
Worker of the seas(A-359-4)C
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Decorate your interior with modular painting.

The picture always looks attractive and presentable. Therefore, it is no wonder that at all times houses were decorated with various paintings. Regardless of what is depicted (nature, the plot of a classic work or a historical event), a picture can always take its rightful place in the house.


Previously, the choice of paintings was approached very responsibly. As a rule, the preference was given to the works of outstanding painters. Its value lays not only in an excellent quality, but also in a peculiar manner of writing. Such paintings were inherited and were the pride of their owners.

It is much easier to buy a painting today than it was 100-200 years ago. In our shop you can find many interesting and unique options.

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About the shop

Online shop "MyCOMPOSITION" offers modular paintings for every taste. Here you will find a composition suitable for your home, which will delight the owner and complement the interior of the room. We work to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to decorate their home, regardless of the style of its interior. We invite you to get acquainted with our catalog. We are confident that you will find among our wide range what you need.

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